We've Been A Little Quiet Lately. Why?

Things have been quiet at The Form Collective social media and events calendar recently, and it’s incredible. While we plan to create space for some events this spring and summer, the studio has been in full force with all 3 artists cranking out work.

The energy in the space these days is exhilarating. Zoe, Alex, and Brielle are all in production mode spending the cold winter months in the sunny open space building inventory, brainstorming new ideas, and creating fresh forms. This is exactly what the initial vision of the Form Collective looked like. Sharing energy in the south of of Burlington, Vermont creating community and new ideas in the space. The kiln is running non-stop (but room for more contract firings if you are interested!) supporting pottery in the greater Burlington area in all styles.

Curious to come check out the space in motion? Fill out the contact us form or grab our number from Google My Business and set up some time to see the unique production styles of slip casting, throwing, and hand building with clay, porcelain, and other materials.