The Form Collective is a collaborative maker space in the South End of Burlington, VT. The focus is on artists sharing life, work-space, resources, community, and creativity. From kiln access, making space, storage, resource allocation, shared knowledge, support, and people to work alongside in an otherwise isolated profession, The Form Collective will provide an encouraging and welcoming environment for new or existing Made in Vermont businesses to flourish.


Our offerings include:

Three Artist Resident Spaces

10 ft³ Kiln Rental for firings

Temporary workspace Rental

Technique + Skill Workshops

Social & Professional events

welcoming space to Gather


Our Story

This vision emerged through the process of Dust + Form relocating to Burlington, VT from Minneapolis, MN in the Winter of 2016. We were looking for space and kiln access to transition Brielle's business, but kept hitting walls on space and resources. While trying to decide on how to progress, we thought, "If what we are looking for really isn't here, why don't we create it?"

We connected with dozens of local potters, artist, businesses, and community organizations seeing if this would be a valuable asset to the community. It took a lot of time, discernment, and the beautiful tight community that Burlington is known for, but we were assured this would be nothing but positive to the South End Arts community. A few months later, we found a perfect space in the South End Arts District at 180 Flynn. We sold our car, liquidated many other possessions, then used that fund to purchase a brand new kiln from Sheffield Pottery in MA and retrofit the space. Months of logistical hurdles, unplanned expenses, more giving our our personal finances and long hours later, we are buzzing with ceramic artists making beautiful pieces.

Our goal is to create a place for ceramic artists to progress from hobbyists to small businesses. From the amazing organizations like the BCA Pottery Co-op and UVM, The Form Collective will be a place for passionate artists to make and develop their business for the larger scale retail world, without the demand to fully invest capital into the resources needed to do so. We know square footage, kilns, and building materials are expensive; we are working hard to keep the costs as low as possible for all to use our assets.

We will forever be listening to the heartbeat of the Burlington ceramic world, and intentionally working to meet the needs of this community. Please let us know if you have ideas or needs of your own that The Form Collective may be able to support!


Brielle and Mitch Rovito

Co-founders of The Form Collective




    There is space for everyone








The Form Collective has space for 3 artists to work as residents. Meet the artists who make the collective:




One of the ways The Form Collective offers help to the community is through reasonably priced kiln rental. Running a 10 feet³ ConeArt BX2827D electric kiln, we offer rental by space utilization and work with you to make it most cost effective. This kiln has a 28" x 27" hexagonal interior footprint with 4 shelves.

Please submit a Kiln Rental Form if you are interested.


Contact Us

Looking to connect with other ceramic artists in the area? Have a special project you would like to discuss? In need of business or skill development? Want to see the space?

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