Thank you!

We have been operating for a full year now! We are so grateful for all the support in the community in what we are doing here at The Form Collective. It was a total "build it and they will come" leap of faith, but knowing the heartbeat of local artists, we feel we made the right decisions.

This ceramics collective in Burlington, Vermont's South End Arts District was designed to be a place where hobbyists can come to launch their own professional careers. In many conversations we had with out local pottery friends, we learned that there wasn't a great transition space for potters and ceramicists to graduate from BCA pottery coop, UVM Pottery Studio, Mud Studios, or other amazing organizations that do so much to educate and welcome artists into the world of clay. Our space hope to continue to provide resources to potters who want to take the next step and launch their business. Resources such as space rental, kiln rental, workshops, and most importantly a place where questions are welcome and knowledge is shared freely. We all were in desperate need at one point for guidance and mentorship, and this collaborative maker's space plans to aid.


On top of this, founders Brielle and Mitch Rovito work to do everything in their power to keep the costs reasonable. With other makers spaces being partially supported by grants and city/state funded initiatives, it is challenging to keep the price of a family owned private organization close to that of a publicly supported one. While we are SO incredibly grateful for all the options Burlington supports, we also want to make this space approachable. This does cause our progression to be at a humble pace, so you will see some functional parts of the space as a work in progress. We also would love anyone in the community who shares our vision to reach out if you are interested in helping and supporting!


We hope to expand our offerings and allow new ways to be a part of the collective. Stay tuned and stop by to hear more!